E-commerce has changed the world. Everyone recognizes this but few know how to capitalize on the opportunity in a meaningful way.  

At Direct Turn, we transform businesses into
e-commerce leaders.
Services We Provide

how we work together

Direct Turn is setup to be a virtual, fully-integrated part of your business. We are your e-commerce team, not an outside consultant. Here's a step-by-step process on how we work together.

Product Design, Manufacturing, & Inbound Logistics

Direct Turn will create a long term, sustainable
e-commerce strategy. We will also guide the product design and product selection process. You will ship and store the product in the US


Active Sales & Marketing

Direct Turn will be your expert e-commerce sales and marketing team. We will be managing the day to day sales and marketing operations, ensuring your product is positioned for success.


Outbound Fulfillment

When a product has been ordered, your team will ensure it is picked up and shipped to the customer.


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