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Equipment Broker's Unlimited Streamlined Marketing Strategy

Equipment Brokers Unlimited (EBU) is a B2B wholesale business that specializes in used copiers. While EBU had a strong reputation in the industry and a loyal customer base, they struggled to acquire new customers and increase sales. They also had a website that was outdated and not optimized for lead generation.

Direct Turn was brought on to help EBU acquire new customers and increase sales. We implemented a CRM to better manage leads and customer information, and made updates to EBU's website to improve its lead generation capabilities. We also managed paid advertising campaigns to drive more leads to the website.

Direct Turn implemented a comprehensive solution to help Equipment Brokers Unlimited (EBU) acquire new customers and increase sales. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the solution:

CRM Implementation

We implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system to help EBU better manage leads and customer information. This included setting up automated email campaigns to nurture leads, segmenting leads based on different criteria, and tracking customer interactions and purchasing history. This helped EBU to more effectively follow up with leads and close more sales.

B2B Website Management

We made updates to EBU's website to improve its lead generation capabilities. This included redesigning the website to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly, optimizing the website for search engines, and adding lead generation forms and calls-to-action throughout the website. These updates helped to increase website traffic and lead generation.

Customer Acquisition Strategy and Implementation

We managed EBU's customer acquisition strategy by identifying and targeting the most valuable customer segments and creating a plan to reach them. This included researching and analyzing EBU's target market, identifying the most effective channels for customer acquisition, and creating a budget and timeline for executing the plan.

Email Marketing

We managed EBU's email marketing campaigns which expanded reach by 40%. We crafted engaging and personalized email campaigns that increase open and click-through rates, leveraging the CRM data to segment the email lists and deliver highly targeted messages.

Through our efforts, EBU saw a significant increase in website traffic, with a 50% increase in organic traffic and a 30% increase in paid traffic. The website updates also resulted in a 15% increase in lead generation. The CRM implementation allowed for better management and follow-up of leads, resulting in a 10% increase in sales. Overall, our digital marketing efforts have helped EBU to acquire more customers and increase sales, allowing them to grow their business.

"Direct Turn has truly become an extension of our business and brand. They're enabled us to open new revenue streams, manage relationships and take our business to the next level."

Dave Marder
Strut This

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